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Our main objectives in the teaching of a modern foreign language are to promote the early development of linguistic competence alongside enjoyment of learning languages.  Our pupils begin learning French in Year 3 and are taught by a specialist language teacher.  We are a member of the Primary Languages Network, which provides materials, resources and activities to enable us to ensure progression in language learning across the four core skills as well as the DfE 12 Attainment Targets.

We aim to enthuse our pupils about being able to communicate in a different language and build their self confidence in communication. Language lessons consist of lots of interaction with visual, auditory and kinaesthetic prompts, making them accessible for children with different learning styles and abilities.

Within the language lessons, we aim to broaden our pupils' knowledge about other countries and cultures. One of the ways this is done is by the undertaking of an in depth study of a French speaking country which makes links with geography and other curriculum areas.

Literacy links are in evidence to enable pupils to make connections between French and English. We encourage our pupils to compare the structure of their own language with French for example word order, capitilisation and gender of nouns. We also aim to make links between French learning and Literacy ion our school for example connectives, pronouns, prepositions and so on. Developing skills in spoken language, reading and writing will in turn support attainment in literacy.

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Evidence from French Week April 2021