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Music in Fairfield Primary School

At Fairfield Primary School we believe that high quality music education enables life-long participation in, and enjoyment of, music, as well as well as underpinning excellence and understanding across all other subject areas. 


Here at Fairfield we recognise the importance of providing a rich and exciting music curriculum for our children. Music actively plays an important role in the academic and social development of children and as such is given the importance it deserves. 


Homegrown Alligator Challenge

As a singing challenge it would be fab if you could try singing to this backing.


Mr Moss has recorded it for you live on the piano and in a key which you should find suit you.


Please send in your recordings/ videos so that we can share and enjoy them to sec.fairfieldprimary@halton.gov.uk


If there are any others that you would like me to record for you please email our school office and I will try to do record for you.



Additional Lockdown Activity

Please find below, links to two additional Garage Band tutorials by John Oates for you to use n conjunction with the updated guide sheet which now covers the tutorials for Y3 – Y6

 Garage Band: Year 5  https://youtu.be/cr_JMVUYEm4

 Garage Band Year 6: https://youtu.be/cLaw236M4bs

Garage Band Y3 to Y6 

 Music is taught throughout the school with the support of our Music Adviser and music specialist, Mr Peter Moss (M.Mus, BA (Hons), LTCL, LLCM), who delivers music on Mondays and Thursdays.

This involves listening, composing and performing through an exciting and contemporary scheme. The scheme includes the award winning Charanga materials alongside a bespoke scheme written by Mr Moss that includes keyboard, percussion and rhythm work. This is constantly being updated and refined to suit the needs and interests of our children.


Year 3 all have a recorder provided by the school and lessons once a week with Mr Moss. This enables them to begin to learn music literacy and to play music as a class and as a soloist. It is also a great stepping stone instrument as the fingering on recorder is compatible with the flute, clarinet and saxophone. Singing takes place throughout the school by way of whole class teaching, class assemblies, annual production for years 5 and 6, nativities for years R, 1, 2,3 and 4.

The audiences for singing includes peers and parents/carers. The children produce recordings in their class lessons which are evidence of their work and allow them to refine their music skills by listening to their own work and reflecting on how it might be improved. Last year every class that had lessons with Mr Moss produced their own CD which they proudly took home for their Parents and Carers to hear. The recordings are also used for a competition for classes and individuals called “Fairfield’s Got Talent”.


The after school clubs which are run in Music are provided free of charge and aim to develop the enthusiasm generated by class lessons by allowing the children to extend their musical skills. We have Choir Club who have this year performed at the Children of Halton Sing event at the Brindley theatre in Runcorn and at the Spring Concert at Sts Peter and Paul High School. This involved over 30 of our children from years 4 to 6, and was run by Mrs Davies and Mrs Stewart. As well as this club, Mr Moss runs Keyboard Club, Concert Club, Showcase Club, Recorder Club and Brass Club.


In addition to this we are now working closely with the music tuition provider School Music Services who provide us with peripatetic music specialists who come in to school to instrumental lessons. This is new to the school and the children can book any instrument to learn, with very competitive prices for the lessons. Lessons take place during the school day with children coming out of the class lesson for a short time to have small group/ one to one tuition with a visiting instrumental specialist. We currently have around 22 children learning to play the alto and soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, violin and keyboard.

Here is a link links to their website, where parents/ carers can find the details of how to book the lessons: School Music Services.


This year, we are very proud to have been successful in our application for the Schools Music Ambassador award by The Warrington Music Hub in recognition of our commitment and success in the teaching and learning of music here at Fairfield Primary School. Also, Mr Moss is now serving on the board of the Music Hub as a representative of our school.


Progression in Music

Here are some examples of how our children are enjoying their engagement with music and the arts:

Reception Nativity


Progression in Music

Here are some examples of how our children are enjoying their engagement with music and the arts:

Reception Nativity






Year 3 & 4 Nativity