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Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 classes

Our classes and teachers in Year 2 are:

Teacher: Teacher: Teacher:
Mrs Charlotte Dumbell Mrs Burke & Mrs Sheil Miss Smith
Dinosaurs Timetable Owl Babies Timetable Hedgehogs Timetable

Our Teaching Assistants are:

    Miss Knowles and Miss Mills

2020 / 2021

Year 2 Expectations as a Learner

Self Managers

*Know how to make an idea even better.*Prepared to listen to points made by others.*Show empathy. *Listen to and follow instructions independently. *Try out new ideas even if feeling nervous.


Effective Participators

*Know how to make an idea even better. *Prepared to listen to points made by others. *Show empathy. *Listen to and follow instructions independently. *Try out new ideas even if feeling nervous.


Resourceful Thinkers

*Have a go at something that may not work. *Use imagination to improvise. *Think of different ideas and possibilities when solving problems. *Improve learning by imitating others.


Reflective Learners

*Understand the factors that stop them from learning effectively. *Say who or what helps them learn and how and why they know. *Gauge when a task has been completed to the best of their ability. *Take time to consider experiences and what needs to be done next. *Check and edit own work.

Independent Enquirers

*Understand basics of cause and effect. *Devise sensible questions to ask different people. *Suggest a question which can be investigated. *Show thinking in different ways, e.g. mind map. *Plan and finish a task within a given time frame. *See the relationship between things and use to explain ideas to others.


Team Workers

*Work harmoniously and constructively with others in joint activity. *Make sure that everyone takes a turn when speaking. *Give feedback to others in a group on their performance. *Work readily in different teams. *Listen to and follow instructions independently.



PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

Please ensure that your child has their full PE kit in school at all times. All children need an indoor and outdoor PE kit.

Reading books

The children receive new reading books each week.

Please read nightly and sign/comment in your child’s diary which needs to come to school every day.


This will be linked to current English and Mathematics class work and always supports learning.

It will be sent home on Friday and will need to be returned prior to the following Thursday.

Useful Information

Year 2 Welcome Parents Booklet 2019



Top Marks Daily 10 Mental Maths Challenge

Year 2 SATs Parents Meeting Presentation


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